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How previous work will be assessed when seeking SSD benefits

For Ohio residents who are seeking Social Security Disability benefits, one of the most important factors when the Social Security Administration decides whether to approve or deny benefits is if the applicant can do work he or she did in the past. This is a key to the decision. For claimants who are concerned about this issue, it is important to understand what the SSA does when it makes its assessment and subsequent decision.

What are the five steps to get SSD benefits?

When a Ohio resident has an injury, illness or other medical condition and is seeking Social Security Disability benefits, knowing the basics of the application process are essential. Understanding the federal regulations and the steps that the Social Security Administration takes when determining whether an applicant should receive SSD benefits or not is key. There are five steps. Knowing these steps can help avoid surprises and can be useful when going through the application process.

Understanding how lupus affects victims

According to the Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, throughout the United States, including victims from Cincinnati, Ohio, as many as 50 million Americans suffer from some form of autoimmune disease, including lupus. Victims of lupus traditionally begin to experience symptoms starting while they are teenagers through their thirties. Symptoms vary widely, and may go in and out of remission, often making lupus difficult to diagnose.

Muscular dystrophy interest renewed after passing of Jerry Lewis

Recently the world learned that legendary comedian, actor, director, screenwriter and singer Jerry Lewis had died. Despite a long and storied career in Hollywood entertaining Americans for decades, Lewis may be as well known for his work as a humanitarian as much as an entertainer, shedding a light and fundraising for the degenerative disease muscular dystrophy.

What are the differences between SSDI and SSI?

Millions of Americans throughout the United States suffer from debilitating injuries, illnesses and mental conditions that keep them out of work. In an effort to provide some financial relief for those who are fighting with a disability, the Social Security Administration has multiple programs in place, Social Security Disability Insurance, commonly known as SSDI, and Supplement Security Income, or SSI, to help. For either program, applicants must prove that they have a disabling condition, and that the condition is expected to last at least a year or end in death.

New rule could mean more people get denied SSD benefits

Anyone in the Cincinnati area who has applied for Social Security disability benefits recently knows that, if a claim gets denied, they are going to be in for a long wait should they want to appeal that decision to an administrative law judge.

Proposed budget could include changes to disability benefits

Although specifics are lacking at this time, the Trump Administration's most recent budget proposal is likely to signal changes to Social Security disability benefits, and these changes could have an unfavorable impact on Cincinnati, Ohio residents.

New federal proposal would protect SSD benefits

Many people in the Cincinnati area who are able to work still struggle to pay off their student loan debt. In many cases, Ohioans have to hold a decent full time job, or else they will go in to default on these loans. Sadly, when a person winds up disabled and unable to work, they do indeed get behind on these loans as well as their other debts.

Is there any way to expedite a disability hearing?

Those in Cincinnati, Ohio, who have any experience with the Social Security Disability program probably know that many people who apply are denied social security at the outset and will have to appeal the Social Security Administration's decision to an administrative law judge.

How do the changes in Social Security regulations affect me?

Social Security disability benefits are provided to those people who are unable to work because they have a medical condition that will either last more than a year or might result in death. In these instances, disability benefits are provided to people across the country, including Ohio. Federal regulations govern the application procedure and it is very important to know the exact procedure for filing, to ensure mistakes do not hinder or disallow the process.


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