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Basic information after filing a workers' compensation claim

Most workers in Ohio who are injured on the job can get workers' compensation benefits. However, it is essential that they understand the entire process to ensure that they receive the benefits and do so in a timely fashion. When a worker is injured, the Bureau of Workers' Compensation will take various steps regarding the claim. Understanding these steps is crucial for a successful claim.

Ohio workers' compensation and return-to-work options

Not all workers in Ohio who are injured, suffer a condition or illness on the job are permanently disabled. Oftentimes, they can get back to work with their limitations. There might be a disagreement as to how capable they are of working and what kind of work they can do. There are options if they can return to work and they cannot return to the job they did before. The Bureau of Workers' Compensation and managed care organization work in conjunction to help the claimant based on the situation.

Key points about a workers' compensation appeal in Ohio

Ohio workers who suffer workplace injuries or who are afflicted with an occupational disease or have some other issue that prevents them from working can seek workers' compensation benefits. However, there are times when there is a dispute between the worker and the Bureau of Workers' Compensation about the decision. If there is a denial of workers' compensation, the worker has the right to appeal. There are important points to remember regarding the appeal and how to move forward with it.

What workers' compensation benefits can I get for wage loss?

When a worker in Ohio suffers injuries, illness or a condition due to their work, they should be aware of their right to seek workers' compensation benefits. One part of workers' compensation that should be considered is wage loss. Wage loss benefits can be useful when the person has had their income reduced after they have become ill, injured or been diagnosed with a condition.

Fox & Fox successfully represents worker in employer's appeal of permanent total disability award, P.2

Previously, we began looking at a recent workers' compensation case our firm successfully handled for an injured worker. As we noted last time, we were successful in defeating the employer's attempt to have a medical report thrown out based on an alleged ambiguity when there really was no significant ambiguity or inconsistency in the report.

Fox & Fox successfully represents worker in employer's appeal of permanent total disability award, P.1

Workers' compensation is a critical resource for those injured on the job, but it isn't always easy to obtain the coverage to which one is entitled under the law. In some cases, employers or their insurers put up roadblocks for injured employees in an attempt to avoid or minimize costs. This can be particularly harmful for an employee who suffers permanently injuries on the job.

Helping you collect the workers' comp benefits you deserve

A person's job is often their most important financial lifeline. It is their source of income and ability to pay for their needs and wants in life. When residents in Ohio are injured on-the-job, it not only impacts health and wellbeing, but also affects the worker's ability to making a living. When a worker is injured in a workplace incident, it is imperative that they understand their rights and what resources are provided to them.

How brain injuries affect the body

According to many scientists and medical professionals, the human brain could be considered the most complex system known to man. Its proper functioning is essential to human life. But, head injuries do occur, and a serious head injury could leave someone with catastrophic or even fatal injuries.

The relationship between workers' compensation and SSD benefits

Many workers in the Cincinnati area who wind up getting hurt or sick on the job need all of the financial help that they can get. After all, they will likely have medical bills and other expenses to pay for following their injury. More importantly, the injury or illness may have cost the worker his or her sole means of support.

What does it mean that Ohio is a "monopolistic" state?

Most states allow employers to shop around and purchase insurance on the private market. However, Ohio is one of four states in the country that uses a different system, making it a "monopolistic" state when it comes to workers' compensation insurance.


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