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February 2017 Archives

Can I appeal if I was denied Social Security disability in Ohio?

Ohioans who are suffering from an illness, condition or injury that they believe warrants an approval for disability benefits from Social Security will frequently be left confused if they are denied Social Security. Fortunately, there is an appeals process that they can use to have the case reexamined to determine if they meet the requirements and a mistake was made with the denial.

What conditions are currently eligible for SSDI?

Here's a question you probably don't often think about. What will happen to you if you suddenly can no longer work? If you suffer an injury on the job, workers' compensation is there to help you over that bump in the road. The objective of that program is to get you healthy and back to work somehow, somewhere. The benefits available tend to be short term, and that's presuming your claim is approved. Those experienced in the Ohio disability system know that doesn't always happen.

ABLE accounts enable disabled to save more

Obtaining disability benefits through Social Security is hardly a walk in the park. Many times, initial claims are denied. Appeals are available, but they can take a long time and increase frustration. Working with an attorney who has experience in navigating the Social Security system from the outset is one way to ensure that your claim meets the requirements laid out by law. If a denial has already been received, an attorney's help could be crucial in resolving matters effectively.


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