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How do the changes in Social Security regulations affect me?

| Mar 31, 2017 | Social Security Disability |

Social Security disability benefits are provided to those people who are unable to work because they have a medical condition that will either last more than a year or might result in death. In these instances, disability benefits are provided to people across the country, including Ohio. Federal regulations govern the application procedure and it is very important to know the exact procedure for filing, to ensure mistakes do not hinder or disallow the process.

Not only is it important to know what the current federal regulations stipulate, it is important to know what changes are upcoming and how they will impact one’s eligibility and application process. A change that went into effect recently may make it more difficult for people to file a disability claim with the Social Security Administration.

The new regulations went into effect late March and have eliminated the treating physician rule. Many people may not know that, up until now, adjudicators of Social Security claims were required to give significant weight to a physician’s report that accompanied and supported the claim. Now, in an effort to reflect modern healthcare delivery, this will no longer happen. Though it is expected that these changes will impact benefit approvals, the exact effect is unclear so soon after the implementation of the new regulations.

When someone is truly disabled and deserves disability benefits and if their case is properly put together, the change in federal regulations should not affect the determination of their case. In order to ensure that the requirements are met and one gets the benefits they are entitled to, it may be beneficial to consult an experienced attorney.

Source: Fox 59, “New rules go into effect for Social Security disability claims,” Nick Mcgill, March 27 2017