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How do you know if you had toxic exposure?

| Mar 24, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Employees in Ohio, as across the country, have the right to a safe working environment. This means their employer has a duty to provide a reasonably safe workplace to their employees and workers. One of the duties that arise from this is to inform employees of the hazardous chemicals or toxins present in the workplace.

In an ideal workplace, there would be no toxins present. Unfortunately, many workers throughout the country face toxic exposure at the workplace daily and a responsible employer is not only supposed to inform his employee about these materials, but also inform them of the proper way to handle those materials.

The information about toxins is supposed to be contained in a Material Safety Data Sheet. It outlines the proper way to deal with substances, in addition to detailing the toxicity, health effects, reactivity, storage disposal and spill and leak procedures with regards to those materials. This is beneficial for not only workers but also for emergency personnel. Employers are obligated to not only provide these sheets for specific chemicals, but also for products that may contain those hazardous materials.

It is essential to know what toxins one is being exposed to, and an employer’s duty to meet that obligation. Toxic exposure may seem harmless at first, but occupational diseases may crop up at a later date and may require medical attention at that point. If an employer was negligent in performing their obligations and a workplace illness results, it may be possible to receive workers’ compensation to cover medical costs and lost wages.

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