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Helping Ohioans who have disabling conditions

| Apr 21, 2017 | Disabling Conditions |

Many people in the Cincinnati rely on their jobs to provide for their daily needs. As such, it is hard, and frightening, to conceive of a situation in which a person is not able to work because of a significant injury or another disabling condition.

Unfortunately, a lot of Ohioans find themselves in just such a predicament, as there are many potentially disabling conditions recognized by the Social Security Administration. While these conditions include potentially fatal illnesses like cancer or severe heart problems, it can also include mental health conditions or even more “routine” health problems like high blood pressure.

Nevertheless, people who have a recognized disabling condition can still wind up with a denied claim simply because the Social Security Administration will also ask whether the condition keeps a person from doing “substantial gainful activity,” and this is a standard that can be tough to understand, much less prove. This is where our law office can help.

Altogether, we have 85 years of experience handling disability claims between us, so we know the system and know what information is required to convince the Administration or an Administrative Law Judge that someone needs benefits. One strategy we can and often do use, for example, is arguing that while no one condition “disables” a person, a combination of injuries and medical issues do make ‘substantial gainful activity” practically impossible.

Also, while a person does not have to get hurt or sick at work in order to draw disability benefits, there are special issues Ohio workers need to understand when it comes to getting disability for a work-related injury, as workers’ compensation benefits may also be available. Our attorneys help clients who have been hurt at work navigate through these issues as well.