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May 2017 Archives

Proposed budget could include changes to disability benefits

Although specifics are lacking at this time, the Trump Administration's most recent budget proposal is likely to signal changes to Social Security disability benefits, and these changes could have an unfavorable impact on Cincinnati, Ohio residents.

Cincinnati residents can get help for a lot of conditions

Cincinnati, Ohio, residents with an inability to work know how hard it can be just to make ends meet day to day. These people often have medical bills that need to be paid and, perhaps more importantly, need to find some way of surviving without a steady income.

What you need to know about common ergonomic office injuries

You do not have to be out on a forklift or in a warehouse to deal with a serious injury that makes it difficult to work. Office jobs have their own set of dangers and may often be overlooked because they do not seem as dangerous. To stay safe in the office and ensure that you are not injured, watch for and prevent common office injuries.

New federal proposal would protect SSD benefits

Many people in the Cincinnati area who are able to work still struggle to pay off their student loan debt. In many cases, Ohioans have to hold a decent full time job, or else they will go in to default on these loans. Sadly, when a person winds up disabled and unable to work, they do indeed get behind on these loans as well as their other debts.

What does it mean that Ohio is a "monopolistic" state?

Most states allow employers to shop around and purchase insurance on the private market. However, Ohio is one of four states in the country that uses a different system, making it a "monopolistic" state when it comes to workers' compensation insurance.

What injuries does Ohio workers' compensation cover?

If you have been injured at work in Ohio, the workers' compensation system aims to provide coverage for most but not all injuries. Benefits may include medical treatments, disability and lost earnings. For many workers, workers' comp benefits can make a major difference to their ability to stay afloat financially.


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