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Cincinnati residents can get help for a lot of conditions

| May 19, 2017 | Disabling Conditions |

Cincinnati, Ohio, residents with an inability to work know how hard it can be just to make ends meet day to day. These people often have medical bills that need to be paid and, perhaps more importantly, need to find some way of surviving without a steady income.

These people may be able to get some help through the Social Security Administration by applying for disability benefits. When doing so, it is important for people to remember that a number of different illnesses and injuries can qualify for disability benefits, so long as the person applying can prove he or she is no longer capable of holding down a job.

For example, our law office, with 85 years of combined experience, has in the past helped people get disability benefits for a number of medical conditions. Although some of these conditions, like serious heart problems or fatal cancer, present obvious challenges to people, in other cases, we have helped people with Crohn’s disease, mental disorders and high blood pressure get benefits.

While the public might not immediately think of such conditions as debilitating, for many people, such conditions prevent them from going to work. Our office works hard to make sure the Administration understands this by using medical records and other evidence which, in our experience, we know is persuasive.

Getting disability benefits can be a challenge, as the Administration’s standards for what constitutes a “disability” can be hard even for a person with a serious condition to meet. Our office knows how to assess an injured or ill Ohioans situation in order to get the best result possible.