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June 2017 Archives

An overview of heart disease

Many people in Cincinnati will one day have to deal with a type of heart disease. In some cases, heart disease can be due to some less than ideal lifestyle choices, but these choices are in fact many times decisions between exercising and working or otherwise providing for a family. In other cases, heart disease is genetic and, for the person who suffers from it, an inevitable part of life.

The causes of and problems with liver disease

No matter why an Ohioan might have it, liver disease is a very serious medical condition. Although initially it may manifest itself in manageable ways, such as fatigue, vomiting or frequent stomach upset, advanced liver disease is one of many disabling conditions and can also lead to a person's death.

New rule could mean more people get denied SSD benefits

Anyone in the Cincinnati area who has applied for Social Security disability benefits recently knows that, if a claim gets denied, they are going to be in for a long wait should they want to appeal that decision to an administrative law judge.

The relationship between workers' compensation and SSD benefits

Many workers in the Cincinnati area who wind up getting hurt or sick on the job need all of the financial help that they can get. After all, they will likely have medical bills and other expenses to pay for following their injury. More importantly, the injury or illness may have cost the worker his or her sole means of support.

Mental health conditions can be disabling

Although many Cincinnati residents would, if asked, probably acknowledge that mental health conditions of various types are serious and can interfere with an Ohioans ability to hold down a regular job, there may still be some questions in the back of people's minds as to whether and to what extent mental health issues are really disabling conditions. Moreover, mental health conditions are not as easy to see as other illnesses or injuries, which makes them harder to prove.


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