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The causes of and problems with liver disease

| Jun 22, 2017 | Disabling Conditions |

No matter why an Ohioan might have it, liver disease is a very serious medical condition. Although initially it may manifest itself in manageable ways, such as fatigue, vomiting or frequent stomach upset, advanced liver disease is one of many disabling conditions and can also lead to a person’s death.

There is a common misconception that most liver disease is preventable, as it is usually caused by drinking too much alcohol or by contracting hepatitis through unsafe drug use, unsanitary piercing or tattooing or risky sexual behavior. For one, while all of these things can cause liver disease, many other conditions can cause it as well.

For instance, hepatitis can also get contracted through simple close contact with another person who has the virus or even through food or liquid that hosts the virus. Infections aside, genetic conditions can also contribute to liver disease, as can immune disorders and types of cancer that affect the liver. Even exposure to dangerous toxins while at work or in other environments can be a contributing factor. In short, while healthy habits can go a long way in preventing liver disease, they are not a guarantee that person won’t have liver problems.

Moreover, it is also important to remember that even if a Cincinnati resident could have done more to prevent liver disease, Social Security benefits are awarded on a strict no fault basis, meaning no one is going to get turned away because they didn’t have the healthiest habits. It is possible that someone with a known drug or alcohol problem may have to avail themselves of treatment if they want disability benefits to continue.