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How Social Security can help accident injury victims

| Sep 1, 2017 | Disabling Conditions |

Throughout the United States, including the Cincinnati, Ohio, area, one of the most common causes of injuries are motor vehicle accidents. Each year, millions of Americans will be involved in an accident. Although a majority of these accidents are minor, some can be serious, leaving victims with severe or even catastrophic injuries.

Even if you are the most cautious driver on the roads, the person next to you could be distracted, drunk or negligent, and you could wind up in an accident. Common automobile accident injuries include brain injuries, neck injuries and spinal cord injuries. Each of these could be quite serious, and could lead to long-term or even lifelong care and continuing medical expenses.

Americans who have suffered from an accident injury and find themselves unable to work may be able to obtain Social Security Disability benefits for their injuries. If your disabling conditions are preventing you from maintaining gainful employment and you find yourself out of work, you may want to reach out to a lawyer familiar with Social Security Disability to see whether you qualify. The application process can be daunting for someone without the experience.

At our law firm, we understand what you are going through. We have helped clients obtain the Social Security Disability benefits they deserve by helping with the application process, and if necessary, an appeal if an initial claim is denied. We proudly serve clients throughout southern Ohio. Reaching out to a legal professional could make a world of difference to you, your finances and, most importantly, your recovery.

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