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SSD denial appeal vs a new claim

| Sep 3, 2017 | Blog |

If you have a condition that prevents you from being able to work at full capacity, you may qualify for Social Security disability. Unfortunately, many individuals who file such claims face some sort of pushback or possibly denial.

If you have received an SSD denial, you may consider filing an appeal or a new claim. Depending on the particular factors of your situation, one of the two options may be most beneficial for you.

Benefits of appeal

The Social Security Administration provides full details about the appeal process. There are four levels of appeals to consider. However, some individuals do not choose to exercise this option. In fact, some automatically decide to file a new claim when the SSA denies a previous one. That being said, by beginning the process again, the individual must complete all the same steps, including receiving a new claims representative, which can prolong someone receiving necessary benefits. With the appeal process, individuals get their claim in front of a judge, who is statistically more likely to approve a claim than a state agency. Also, the appeal allows the filer to possibly gain disability back pay.

New filing helpful

Though the appeal process can be quite beneficial, there is still an instance where a new filing does not hurt. If an agency denies an SSD claim on technical grounds, the process basically stops before it even begins. In such cases, a new filing will not result in any losses. The filer should make sure all proper documents and provisions are in place before filing again.

Though both the appeal process and a new filing can reach the same goal, they may allow individuals to acquire different benefits along the way. Take some time to fully research each choice and what they require to determine which option would be best for you. You may also benefit from discussing your claim with a knowledgeable professional.