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What workers’ compensation benefits can I get for wage loss?

| Sep 13, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

When a worker in Ohio suffers injuries, illness or a condition due to their work, they should be aware of their right to seek workers’ compensation benefits. One part of workers’ compensation that should be considered is wage loss. Wage loss benefits can be useful when the person has had their income reduced after they have become ill, injured or been diagnosed with a condition.

A worker will receive wage loss when his or her earnings are reduced because of the restrictions that are conditional as part of the claim. People who suffered their injury or were diagnosed on or after August 22, 1986 can get wage loss benefits. There are two conditions that the person must meet to be eligible. They are: that there was a loss or decrease in wages; and the wage loss came about due to the restrictions that are part of the claim.

A worker can get two different kinds of wage loss benefits. They are working wage loss and non-working wage loss. Working wage loss will be granted when the worker gets back to work in a position other than what he or she did before. That can include returning to work with the same employer or a different employer with different responsibilities, fewer hours and lower pay because of the physical limits. Non-working wage loss will be granted when the worker is released to get back to work with certain restrictions but cannot find employment. The person is required to show that there is a good faith effort to find a job with the restrictions.

When a worker cannot do the same work as before, they might be able to get wage loss. Having legal assistance with understanding the available benefits and how they can get them is essential to a case. A legal professional experienced in lost wages and workers’ compensation can help with a case.

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