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October 2017 Archives

How does an arrest or criminal allegations affect SSD benefits?

Some Ohio residents who are seeking or already receiving Social Security Disability benefits might have the misfortune of having a problem with the law. That can include being arrested, jailed or accused of criminal activities. There might be an automatic belief that SSD benefits will be stopped if a person is accused, convicted or jailed for a crime. This is not necessarily the case. Understanding how these issues are handled by the Social Security Administration is vital for everyone, because legal issues can crop up unexpectedly and for a variety of reasons.

Basic information after filing a workers' compensation claim

Most workers in Ohio who are injured on the job can get workers' compensation benefits. However, it is essential that they understand the entire process to ensure that they receive the benefits and do so in a timely fashion. When a worker is injured, the Bureau of Workers' Compensation will take various steps regarding the claim. Understanding these steps is crucial for a successful claim.

Ohio workers' compensation and return-to-work options

Not all workers in Ohio who are injured, suffer a condition or illness on the job are permanently disabled. Oftentimes, they can get back to work with their limitations. There might be a disagreement as to how capable they are of working and what kind of work they can do. There are options if they can return to work and they cannot return to the job they did before. The Bureau of Workers' Compensation and managed care organization work in conjunction to help the claimant based on the situation.

How previous work will be assessed when seeking SSD benefits

For Ohio residents who are seeking Social Security Disability benefits, one of the most important factors when the Social Security Administration decides whether to approve or deny benefits is if the applicant can do work he or she did in the past. This is a key to the decision. For claimants who are concerned about this issue, it is important to understand what the SSA does when it makes its assessment and subsequent decision.

Why you should be prepared to fight for your SSDI benefits

If you are getting ready to file for Social Security disability benefits in Ohio, you may be thinking of all the things you can get done once your claim is approved. Besides catching up on your bills, you can regain some of the financial security you lost when you became injured. There is nothing wrong this expectation, but it could leave you unprepared for one of the harshest realities in the world of SSDI. 


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