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Why you should be prepared to fight for your SSDI benefits

| Oct 2, 2017 | Blog |

If you are getting ready to file for Social Security disability benefits in Ohio, you may be thinking of all the things you can get done once your claim is approved. Besides catching up on your bills, you can regain some of the financial security you lost when you became injured. There is nothing wrong this expectation, but it could leave you unprepared for one of the harshest realities in the world of SSDI. 

The reality is that there is a good chance your initial claim for benefits is going to be denied. According to CNBC.com, the percentage of SSDI claims the SSA approves the first time is less 25 percent. Many applicants end up getting their benefits after going through a long and drawn out appeals process. It is important for you to understand the application and appeals process so you can take steps to improve the chances of getting your benefits approved on your initial claim. 

Applying is not always easy 

The application process is very stringent. Besides filling out the application, you will need a lot of evidence from medical professionals, consultants and experts to support your claim. Depending on the type of injury you have and your situation, you may need assistance from an attorney to get the documentation and complete the process properly. Even one small mistake can result in the Social Security Administration denying your SSDI claim or appeal

Delays in receiving benefits

Keep in mind that even after denial, you could end up waiting some time to complete the appeals process to get your claim approved. After approval, because there is a backlog, you still may not receive your first payment for a couple of months. During all this time, your bills are mounting up and you are tired of wondering when you can get some financial relief. 

It is important for you to consider speaking to an attorney to learn how to better navigate the application process. There are all sorts of things that can create delays and complications with your SSDI claim and keep you from receiving the level of benefits you deserve within a shorter time frame.