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November 2017 Archives

How can employer safety violations affect workers' compensation?

When workers in Ohio suffer workplace injuries, it might not have been due to an unexpected incident or the negligence of a fellow worker. There is a chance that it might have come about because of the employer violating safety requirements that were in place by law, or via mandate from the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. When there is this type of failure - known as a violation of specific safety requirement - there are certain rules the BWC has in place to handle it for the injured worker and his or her family.

Do telecommuters qualify for workers' compensation?

One common question that many workers in the Amelia area have is whether they qualify for workers’ compensation benefits as telecommuting employees. Although telecommuting can be beneficial for both employer and workers, it does create some concerns when issues arise that normally occur in the job site. 

Disabling conditions and getting help with SSD benefits

When an Ohio resident is unable to work because of an illness or an injury, Social Security Disability benefits can be a lifeline to help them get through. This can be until they are sufficiently improved to stop getting SSD benefits or for an extended period of time, even for the rest of their lives. It can be easy to forget the basics when thinking about applying for SSD benefits for injury or illness, but they are essential. Having legal help from the start is often vital to getting approved to receive SSD benefits.

What is "Ticket to Work" with Social Security Disability?

Not all Ohio residents who are seeking Social Security Disability benefits are disabled enough that they can never get back to work. They are concerned, however, that if they try to work and find they are unable to, they will lose their SSD benefits permanently. They might not know how to go about finding a job or getting training. This is where the incentive program "Ticket to Work" comes in. With Ticket to Work, it is possible to try to work without risk to SSD benefits. Understanding how this program is structured is essential before moving forward.

3 common reasons SSDI claims are denied

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be a stressful process. The paperwork, review and waiting period are all nerve-wracking, and it is especially difficult to handle when your livelihood and well-being are on the line. Ideally, you will receive an approval for your SSDI application the first time you apply, but this is not the case for many disabled people. The Social Security Administration may deny you benefits—more than once, even, if you choose to reapply.

Do I meet the earnings requirements for SSD benefits?

Those who are considering filing for Social Security Disability benefits might not have thought about the earnings requirements that are part of the federal regulations to qualify. First, there is a recent work test based on the person's age at the time of the disabling injury, illness or condition. Second is the duration of work test to prove that the person worked for a sufficient period of time. The rules are based on the time at which a person turns a certain age and is separated into calendar quarters. The first quarter is January 1 to March 31; the second is April 1 to June 30; the third is July 1 to September 30; and the fourth is October 1 to December 31.

Workers' compensation benefits and permanent partial disability

For workers in Ohio who are injured, become ill or a suffer a condition because of their work, workers' compensation benefits can be an important lifeline. The circumstances for the issue can vary and with that the available benefits differ. The Industrial Commission offers different types of workers' compensation. For people who are suffering from a residual impairment after workplace injuries, a percentage of permanent partial disability benefits is available.


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