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What is “Ticket to Work” with Social Security Disability?

| Nov 15, 2017 | Social Security Disability |

Not all Ohio residents who are seeking Social Security Disability benefits are disabled enough that they can never get back to work. They are concerned, however, that if they try to work and find they are unable to, they will lose their SSD benefits permanently. They might not know how to go about finding a job or getting training. This is where the incentive program “Ticket to Work” comes in. With Ticket to Work, it is possible to try to work without risk to SSD benefits. Understanding how this program is structured is essential before moving forward.

Adults between the ages of 18 and 64 who are receiving SSD benefits can take part in Ticket to Work. This program helps the person find a job, receive vocational rehabilitation and other support. There are networks that provide these services and are both governmental and private. Employment networks will assist the person in finding and retaining a job. There can be more than one organization used toward this end.

The Social Security Administration will conduct periodic reviews of the person’s condition to see if the disability benefits are still necessary. For those who are taking part in Ticket to Work, there will be no medical review provided that the participant is making timely progress in the plan to return to work. Ticket to Work is entirely optional. Even if the person takes part in Ticket to Work, there are other incentives available to help with getting back to work. They include: cash benefits; Medicare or Medicaid; assistance with work expenses that might be necessary due to the disability; expedited reinstatement of SSD benefits if the person tries to work and cannot; and plan to achieve self-support (PASS).

Having concerns about trying to get back to work and running the risk of losing SSD benefits is a natural reaction for those who are injured, ill or disabled and were approved for benefits. A legal professional experienced in all matters related to Social Security Disability can assist with understanding Ticket to Work, knowing if it is a program that the recipient would like to take part in and how to go about it.

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