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December 2017 Archives

What if my SSD benefits are being reviewed by the SSA?

People in Ohio who have already been approved for Social Security disability benefits because of an injury, condition or illness should be fully aware that the benefits, in most cases, are not permanent. The Social Security Administration takes steps to ensure that those whose issues are of sufficient severity continue to receive benefits. It does this on a periodic basis by taking steps to determine if the qualifying disability remains in place. This is an important part of any SSD claim.

Can I get SSD benefits and workers' comp simultaneously?

Workers in Ohio who are injured or become ill because of their work will have the right to seek workers' compensation benefits. Some will also have the right to get Social Security Disability benefits. However, a source of confusion regarding the two programs can leave some wondering whether they can get both and how one set of benefits might affect the other. Understanding how workers' compensation can affect SSD benefits is crucial.

Proposed law will stop workers' compensation for undocumented

Workers' compensation is a system in Ohio that is designed to protect workers who might have suffered workplace injuries or become ill due to their work. This can sometimes get mixed in with politics and lead to confusion regarding who can and cannot get workers' compensation benefits. One specific issue that is currently at the forefront is whether an undocumented worker can get workers' compensation benefits. The state legislature is tackling this issue and it could have future ramifications for people who are injured or become ill while working as undocumented immigrants.

Incidents of occupational disease sparks BWC-firefighter deal

Occupational disease is a major issue that workers' compensation in Ohio is expected to provide for. Depending on the circumstances, this coverage can be the subject of dispute among the employer and the employees. In some cases, the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation will join with an employer to take preventative steps to try to keep the problematic diseases from manifesting. This will often come about after a number of workers have suffered illness, injury or a condition. As with any issue connected to workers' compensation, it is important to have legal advice for the entire process.


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