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What if my SSD benefits are being reviewed by the SSA?

| Dec 28, 2017 | Social Security Disability |

People in Ohio who have already been approved for Social Security disability benefits because of an injury, condition or illness should be fully aware that the benefits, in most cases, are not permanent. The Social Security Administration takes steps to ensure that those whose issues are of sufficient severity continue to receive benefits. It does this on a periodic basis by taking steps to determine if the qualifying disability remains in place. This is an important part of any SSD claim.

For people who have not had a significant improvement in their health, their benefits will continue. The SSA will accrue new information about the claimant’s medical condition to come to a decision. Information will be requested from doctors, hospitals and other medical sources to make the determination. These entities will be asked how the person’s medical condition hinders their activities, what the medical tests say, and if there are medical treatments that the person is receiving. In some cases, the person will need to have a special examination, which the SSA will pay for.

The previous review will be compared to the latest review. If there are new health issues, that will be considered. Even if the person’s medical condition has improved, it might not have improved sufficiently to allow them to get back to work. If that is the case, the benefits will continue. The type of work the person did previously and what kind of work the person can do after the review will be factored in. If the medical issues have improved so they can get back to work, then the SSD benefits will cease.

When a person is approved for SSD benefits, it is wise to remember that there will be reviews from the SSA and they will be done periodically. Having legal advice and assistance throughout the entire process from the time the application is first sent to the SSA through the reviews is critical. A lawyer who is experienced in Social Security disability can help.

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