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When an attorney may benefit your workers’ comp claim

| Dec 27, 2017 | Blog |

workers’ compensation claim may help to provide an individual with stability after an accident. In fact, for some individuals who are out of work, it may be essential for survival.

In such instances where results are vital, an attorney can be quite helpful. Consider these situations when it may be beneficial to solicit legal assistance sooner rather than later.

Issues with the physician

In cases of workplace injury where the employer is able to select the physician who sees the employee, it is important that the employee be vigilant. Though the physician is supposed to uphold a moral code to put the patients’ needs first, some physicians may have loyalties to the employers. In cases where individuals do not believe the physician diagnosed issues correctly, or if the physician ignored their requests or concerns, an attorney may be helpful in getting another opinion.

Issues with the employer

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation provides a guidebook that covers the basic facts employees should know in regards to workplace injuries. Workers should become familiar with it so they are aware of the proper procedure for making a claim, as well as their transition back into the workplace. Some employers may view certain employees as a liability after an accident, but employees have a right to return to work in their highest capacity, if not to a position of the same caliber. An attorney can help to make sure an employer does not try to get around the rules.


Some individuals pursue the claims process on their own and may receive a denial. A knowledgeable and experienced attorney is able to examine the claim, determine a proper approach and present the necessary facts, information and argument to fight the denial in the appeal process.

These are a few examples of when an attorney may be helpful during the claim process. If you are contemplating a claim, consider consulting with your local attorney to make an educated decision.