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Law enforcement officer injured in crash

| Mar 15, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

When an Ohio workplace accident happens, it can be in a wide variety of jobs. There can be employment options that are inherently dangerous or predominately safe, but accidents and injuries can lead to major problems for those who are victimized.

Some of the most at-risk people are law enforcement officers and first responders. Placing themselves in harm’s way is just part of the job, but that does not mean that these workers should not get workers’ compensation if they are hurt while going about their duties. If there is an issue getting the workers’ compensation benefits they need, legal help might be required.

A crash with an apparently intoxicated driver led to a highway patrol officer being hospitalized. The accident happened when the trooper had stopped another vehicle for speeding. The allegedly intoxicated driver rear-ended the cruiser and knocked the officer over. While he was on the ground, he was hit again. The officer was hospitalized with foot injuries. He also suffered bruises and an injury to his hand. The accident was so severe that the cruiser was totaled and there is no dash cam video available. The driver of the vehicle that rear-ended the cruiser was arrested for OWI.

Although law enforcement officers can be injured in the line of duty at a moment’s notice, that does not mean that all of their damages will be covered by workers’ compensation. With lost time on the job, medical expenses and perhaps long-term injuries, workers’ compensation can be vital to make ends meet. In some instances, there may be a dispute between the insurance company and the victim as to how severe the injuries are and when or if the person can get back to work. For these issues, legal help is imperative to deal with the case.

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