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A lawyer can help with workers’ compensation retaliation in Ohio

| Apr 20, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

The goal of having workers’ compensation benefits in Ohio is to protect workers who are injured in a workplace accident. There should not be any debate on this issue between the employer and the worker about this. After the workplace injuries have occurred, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will deal with the case from there. However, some employers might not want the worker to report the accident and will use various underhanded – and illegal – tactics to dissuade the employee from doing so.

Retaliation is unfortunately all-too common in workers’ compensation cases. An employer can take several actions to try and stop a worker from filing a workers’ compensation claim. If there is not an outright attempt to stop the claim, employers may use various passive aggressive acts to show the worker that filing a claim is not worth it. For an injured worker, there is often hesitation before filing a workers’ compensation claim. Problems with fellow employees, the possibility of losing their job, and other negative thoughts can creep in. When the worker is injured and seeks workers’ compensation, it is essential to remember that an employer cannot hold it against the worker.

Retaliation goes beyond the chance of losing the job. There are other ways that an employer can seek to intimidate a worker. These include disciplinary action for no reason, a sudden change in hours, being transferred elsewhere without reason, being demoted, and losing a chance at a promotion. Other common behaviors include making sarcastic comments, issuing threats, or saying things that are not true about the person.

For workers who are seeking workers’ compensation and are being mistreated on the job because of it, it is critical to remember that this is not supposed to happen. Workers have rights and, when employers mistreat their workers in this way, there are consequences. A legal professional who is experienced in workers’ compensation can be of assistance.