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What are key points about physical exertion and SSD benefits?

| May 4, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

When an Ohio worker is injured to the degree that they are unable to work, it is possible to get Social Security disability benefits. However, the Social Security Administration has certain criteria that it uses when determining if the person meets the requirements for being unable to work. The physical exertion requirements are categorized based on the amount of work the person can do. Knowing these categories is important when seeking SSD benefits. The categories are: sedentary work; light work; medium work; heavy work; and very heavy work.

With sedentary work, the person is not expected to do a great deal of physical exertion. They will lift no more than 10 pounds at one time. On occasion, light items such as files, books, and light tools will be carried. The job generally indicates that the person will sit for extended periods. Most jobs require a person to stand or walk when it is needed. Light work has the person lifting a maximum of 20 pounds at one time. Often, other items weighing as much as 10 pounds must be carried. This type of job might have more walking or standing than a sedentary job. A person who can perform light work will automatically be assumed to do sedentary work unless they have limited dexterity or cannot sit for an extended period.

Medium work means that the person will lift a maximum of 50 pounds at a time. They will often carry items up to 25 pounds. Heavy work will require the person to lift as much as 100 pounds. Up to 50 pounds will be lifted and carried regularly. Finally, very heavy work includes lifting items that weigh more than 100 pounds. There will be frequent carrying and lifting of 50 or more pounds. Doing heavy work implies that other kinds of work can also be done.

After a work injury or condition, Social Security disability is often needed to make ends meet and to receive the treatment necessary to try and get back into a better condition and return to work. Knowing the physical exertion requirements is important and a lawyer skilled in the process of helping clients receive Social Security disability benefits can help if there are any problems being approved for SSD benefits.

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