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Ohio man suffers workplace injuries while cleaning forklift

| Jun 21, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

Workplace accidents and injuries can come about in a variety of ways and some are more unusual than others. While accidents with heavy equipment, large vehicles, tools and other factors are common, people can become injured by slipping and falling, with muscle strains and tears and back and head injuries. Accidents can also happen when people are doing something as seemingly innocuous as cleaning equipment. Serious injuries, long-term damage and even death can result from these unexpected incidents. Workers’ compensation is important for any kind of workplace accident and the injured party must understand how to get benefits.

A man who was cleaning a forklift injured his legs after the vehicle fell on them. The injury occurred at approximately 8:30 a.m. Another forklift was being used to lift the one that was being cleaned and its bottom could be accessed. It came loose and fell. Emergency personnel came and the man was transported to the hospital with injuries that were said to be serious. He was awake and alert during the ride to the hospital. The investigation into this incident is ongoing.

People who are injured on the job should know that they might have the right to get workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can be essential to pay for medical care, provide for them and their families while they are unable to work and more. A concern about getting workers’ compensation benefits often centers around the circumstances of the injury, the medical assessment and how long the worker is expected to be out. Even in cases where the initial application is denied, it is possible to appeal and get workers’ compensation benefits. Following the protocol for the process is crucial to a claim.

The worker in this incident was cleaning a forklift when it fell on him, injuring his legs. While the investigation is continuing and it is not clear whether the man was a company employee or a contractor, he still should consider his rights to workers’ compensation by discussing a case with a legal professional who specializes in workplace injuries.