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Ohio workers suffer burns in construction workplace accident

Workers who are employed on construction projects of any kind will face certain risks in the job that can lead to accidents and injuries. This is true whether it is the act of building, repairing or anything else in which large tools, heavy equipment, complicated machinery and more is needed to complete the job.

A specific danger is when there are flammable materials and people are working with fire-producing equipment. An explosion and burns can occur and these can cause scarring, long-term damage and death. Fortunately, when these accidents happen, workers' compensation benefits are available. It is important to know how to pursue and receive these benefits.

An accident at an Ohio arena resulted in two workers being burned. The accident happened in the morning at about 9 a.m. The men were working on removal at the site at the time. There was no fire when the fire department arrived, but they found the men burned. They were working a metal fuel tank and cutting it. There was fuel in the tank and a blowtorch led to it igniting. The men suffered burns to their upper bodies and faces. They were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Injuries at work can cause many problems for the injured party and his or her family. While workers' compensation benefits are available to help with these costs, there might be a dispute as to how long the worker should be out, who is responsible for what happened and the extent to which the medical expenses will be paid. Having legal assistance after a workplace accident is imperative to maximize the benefits

Two workers who were burned in a workplace accident as they worked on an arena project were hospitalized. Although the injuries were not believed to have been life-threatening, burns can negatively impact a person's life with scarring, the need for skin grafts and other problems in the short and long-terms. A law firm specializing in workers' compensation should be called to provide advice in getting the benefits necessary for a full economic and personal recovery.

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