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What information does the SSA need for disability benefits?

| Jul 12, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

When an Ohioan is injured or ill and cannot work and as a result, needs Social Security Disability benefits, many factors determine whether they will be approved or denied. Often, the case does not fall on the merits, but on providing all the necessary information so the Social Security Administration (SSA) can make an informed decision. Before moving forward, it is critical to understand these basics, otherwise a viable application will be denied for lack of information.

Those who are applying must remember that the decision might take as long as five months. But, having all the proper information can speed the process.

The SSA will need the applicant’s Social Security number; birth certificate or proof of baptism; contact information for those who took care of the applicant — doctors, medical centers and caseworkers; the listing of medications taken and how much; medical records; test results and lab results; a summary of the person’s work and what he or she did; and tax information.

There are also forms that must be filled out. One will be to gather information regarding the medical issue, how it happened and the affect it has on the person’s ability to work. The other forms will be for medical professionals and medical centers to provide information regarding treatment and the medical issues.

To make sure that the necessary information to get disability benefits is received by the SSA and that, if there are any problems, they can be solved as quickly and as efficiently as possible, having legal help is important. A law firm that knows the ins and outs of Social Security Disability can help with every aspect of a case from application to a possible appeal if the claim is denied. Before applying, a call to a law firm should be the first step.