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What proof of workers' comp do I need to also get SSD benefits?

Ohioans who are injured on the job or become ill from the work they do and suffer from an inability to work because of it can get workers' compensation benefits. Many might not be aware that they can also get Social Security disability if the meet the criteria. When approved for both, there are certain rules that dictate the amount a person can get through Social Security disability when getting workers' compensation.

Before thinking about that though, it is important to understand the basics such as what documentation the Social Security Administration (SSA) will need when making its determination on whether to award SSD benefits to supplement the workers' compensation benefits. For those seeking SSD benefits and are getting or have gotten any kind of workers' compensation -- temporary or permanent -- the SSA must receive the following: award letters, pay stubs, settlement agreements or other validation that the applicant possesses.

The documents must show when the injury happened; how much the current payments are and when they came into effect as well as its increases and decreases in the previous 17 months or, if after that, from the start of the payments; the kind of payments that are being received; the type of payments the person is getting; how often the payments are made of the amount of time the lump sum covers; if the benefits have stopped and when they stopped; the name and address of the employer; and if there is an insurer separate from the employer who is paying.

For people who are injured on the job and are getting workers' compensation benefits, there is a chance that they can also disability from the SSA. To see if it is possible to get both or if there are concerns about getting one or the other, having legal assistance from a law firm that is experienced in both is essential. Calling for assistance is the first step to getting Social Security Disability and/or workers' compensation benefits.

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