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Do age, education and work history affect getting SSD benefits?

For Ohio residents who have been injured or suffer from a condition that leaves them unable to work, Social Security Disability benefits are a necessary option to make ends meet and get the medical treatment they need as they try to get well enough to get back on the job. There are, however, important factors that are key with a disability determination as the Social Security Administration decides whether a person is disabled enough to warrant benefits or not.

The basics and a failure to meet the requirements are often the main reasons a person is denied Social Security benefits, so it is imperative to understand them and be prepared. One vital point is age, education and work experience when the decision is made. The ability to work and how the medical issues hinder that ability are considered based on the combination of the impairment, the person's age, education and work experience. There are three different profiles, categorized as A, B and C. Should the person meet the conditions in these categories, they will likely be approved to get disability benefits.

For category A, the person will: not be working; have extensive work experience of a minimum of 35 years that is considered difficult physical labor without the need for significant skill; have an education level of sixth grade or less; and has an impairment that prevents doing the prior work. For category B, the person does not have any past relevant work; is a minimum of 55-years-old; has less than a high school education; and has an impairment that is classified as worse than "not severe". With category C, the person worked for his or her entire life in a field they cannot work in any longer because of the impairment; he or she is 60 or older; there is less than a high school education; and the person has skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled work history, but cannot do other work because of the mental and physical limitations.

People who have suffered an injury or condition that prevents them from working and fall into the above categories should be able to get SSD benefits. However, understanding the entire process from the beginning can be complicated. A law firm that is experienced in helping Ohio workers who need Social Security Disability benefits may be able to help with information about eligibility and in taking the necessary steps to be approved for SSD.

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