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How to tell if you have carpal tunnel

Even office workers are susceptible to injury, though their jobs may not seem dangerous. Injuries to office workers can be just as serious. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common injury someone working in an office could suffer from.


Carpal tunnel is caused by a compressed nerve in the palm side of your wrist. This particular syndrome is generally caused by repetitive hand motions such as typing or using a mouse. Prior health problems, such as previous wrist injuries, and certain aspects of the anatomy of a person's wrist can contribute to causing carpal tunnel.

Office workers who spend a lot of their day on the computer could be at high risk of carpal tunnel.


Tingling and numbness are common signs of carpal tunnel. If you experience a numbness or tingle in your thumb, middle, ring or index fingers, this may be an indication that you have carpal tunnel. This sensation may also spread to your wrist up to your arm.

You could also suffer from weakness in your hands that may cause you to drop things or reduce the strength of your grip.

What to do

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help prevent carpal tunnel. Minimizing pressure on your wrists and hands is essential. Take regular breaks from repetitive movements, such as typing and try to reduce the force you use. You can also think about getting an ergonomic keyboard or mouse that better forms to your hand and reduces strain.

Keeping your hands warm can also help reduce the chances of carpal tunnel as a cold environment can contribute to stiffness.

There are a variety of injuries office workers can suffer from. Carpal tunnel is not one that should be overlooked. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of carpal tunnel can help you avoid long-term damage and suffering.

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