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ODOT workers injured after semi-truck crashes into work area

Few Ohio workers are more vulnerable than those on road crews. The job they do requires them to be in harm's way all day and all night facing various dangers from work-related and exterior sources. Although steps are taken to promote safety and serve as warnings to drivers who might ignore warning signs and entreaties to slow down, there will still be accidents. People who are injured on the job - whether it is a job located inside or outside - can be classified as having suffered a workplace accident. They can therefore seek workers' compensation benefits to pay their medical expenses and provide them with income so they can make ends meet as they recover. Knowing how to go about getting these benefits is important.

The driver of a semi-truck ran into vehicles for the Ohio Department of Transportation as workers finished their shift on a road project. Three workers were hurt after they were hit. The accident occurred at around 4 a.m. The workers who repairing pavement. The semi first hit a truck that was stationed to warn oncoming drivers that work was taking place and simultaneously protected workers. That truck was forced into a second truck. The three workers were taken to the hospital for treatment. Their injuries were reportedly non-life-threatening. The driver of the semi was cited. ODOT workers being hit by vehicles has become a growing problem in 2018. There have been 152 vehicles hit in crashes. Four workers were hit in just the previous two weeks.

Workers who are injured on the job have the right to seek workers' compensation benefits for their injuries. This is true whether the injuries are deemed serious or minor. Often, minor injuries only seem minor when they first happen. As time passes, issues arise that make it difficult or outright impossible for the person to get back to work. It is in these cases where workers' compensation can be difficult to get as there is a dispute as to the severity of the injuries.

When there is any injury after a workplace accident, workers must make certain to understand the benefits they can get and their right to take time off to recover. They should not face real or implied penalties from their employer or be intimidated to seek the benefits to which they are entitled. At any juncture during the workers' compensation process, it might be necessary to have legal help. A law firm that understands all types of workplace accidents including those that happen to construction workers on the road should be called for help with getting workers' compensation.

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