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Combining Social Security with other benefits

Changing sources of income and the working economy can reduce a workers' Social Security benefits. In particular, some government disability programs may effect and even lower Social Security Disability (SSD) payments. And, SSD benefits are not reduced by disability payments from private sources. These include private pensions or insurance benefits.

Some public disability programs, such as workers' compensation, may lower SSD benefits. Workers' compensation benefits are paid to workers who suffered a workplace injury or illness. These benefits are paid by employers or their insurance companies in accordance with federal or Ohio state programs.

Federal, state or local programs for disabling medical conditions unrelated to work also reduce SSD benefits. These include civil disability benefits, temporary disability benefits or disability-based retirement benefits from state and local governments.

SSD benefits, including payments to family members, are added to any public benefits. The total amount of these public benefits cannot exceed 80 percent of a recipient's average current earnings before the disability. If the total amount of benefits exceeds this ceiling, the excess is deducted from the recipient's Social Security benefits. This reduction can continue to the time the recipient's 65th birthday or their other disability benefits end, whichever comes first.

Any lumps-sum workers' compensation or disability payment paid instead of or in addition to a monthly disability payment may impact SSD benefits. Any other changes can also reduce SSD benefits.

Other public benefits do not reduce SSD benefits, however. Benefits are not impacted for recipients of Veterans' Administration benefits, state and local benefits where Social Security taxes were deducted or Social Security Supplemental Income.

An attorney can help applicants or recipients for SSD benefits obtain their legally-entitled benefits. Lawyers may help in legal proceedings and appeals of denied Social Security claims.

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