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Be aware of these construction site hazards

| Jun 19, 2019 | Uncategorized |

A construction site is certainly not the safest workplace in the world. As a construction worker, you work in an environment with a wide variety of hazards that often cause severe injuries and fatalities. Due to the dangerous nature of construction sites, you are at risk of injury every time you go to work. 

Being aware of the hazards you face can help you prevent them. Here is an outline of some of the most common causes of construction accidents.


Your construction job consistently requires you to work at heights such as ladders, roofs and scaffolding. Falling from such a height can result in serious injuries and death. This is why comprehensive training and fall prevention protocols are crucial. Robust plans and supervision are necessary to prevent a falling accident. Avoiding heights whenever possible, using double guardrails and implementing safety nets can reduce the likelihood of falling and getting hurt.

Moving objects

A construction site is constantly changing. You regularly encounter various moving objects, including supply vehicles, diggers and overhead lifting equipment. Reducing your risk of coming into contact with a moving object involves being vigilant of your surroundings and wearing protective gear such as a hard hat and high-visibility vest. 


You may not think of noise as a workplace hazard, but it is. Construction sites are often full of loud, excessive and constant sounds that can cause long-term hearing damage. Additionally, noise can be distracting and make it difficult to anticipate other hazards. Your employer should provide you with ear protection and warn you about noise risks. 

Overexertion and repetitive motions

Construction work is tough. It often involves lifting, carrying and handling heavy materials. You may also perform repetitive motions with tools and equipment. Strenuous and prolonged labor without sufficient rest can take a toll on your body. Common problems resulting from these tasks include repetitive stress injuries, dehydration and back pain.