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Tips for preventing nursing injuries

| Jun 12, 2020 | Blog, Workplace Illness |

As a nurse, you may be exposed to a variety of hazards on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to avoid getting hurt or sick while at work at an Ohio medical facility. For instance, merely pointing out a hazard to your supervisor may be enough to help you or others avoid cuts, broken bones or head injuries.

The simplest actions can help you stay safe

Ideally, you will wash your hands frequently throughout your shift. This can help you to kill germs or bacteria that you may come into contact with when handling patients or touching shared surfaces. It is also a good idea to get a flu shot each year and to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and masks. Wearing PPE can help to prevent the spread of pathogens that exist in blood and other liquids that you may be exposed to.

Handle needles with care

Roughly 1,000 nurses and other hospital workers are injured each day by needles and other sharp objects. To reduce the odds of an injury, you are encouraged never to recap needles or use needles that don’t have automatic safety mechanisms. When you are done with a needle, be sure to dispose of it properly to ensure that no one gets poked or exposed to anything that could make them sick.

Don’t forget to get some rest

Workers who do not get enough sleep are more prone to making mistakes. Furthermore, you could be damaging your own physical and mental health by not getting enough rest each night. When you’re tired, you are more likely to get into a car accident or get sick because your immune system isn’t as strong as it otherwise would be.

In some cases, nurse injuries can be fatal or significantly erode your quality of life. If you are hurt at work, it may be a good idea to hire an attorney who may be able to review your case and help you obtain compensation from your employer.