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Combining Social Security with other benefits

Changing sources of income and the working economy can reduce a workers' Social Security benefits. In particular, some government disability programs may effect and even lower Social Security Disability (SSD) payments. And, SSD benefits are not reduced by disability payments from private sources. These include private pensions or insurance benefits.

Social Security reviewing disability payments

Qualify for disability payments from the Social Security Administration (SSA) s no guarantee that an Ohioan will continue because of redetermination of non-medical qualifications. SSA recently announced that it is undertaking a program to further evaluate its redetermination of Social Security Disability payments to beneficiaries.

Do age, education and work history affect getting SSD benefits?

For Ohio residents who have been injured or suffer from a condition that leaves them unable to work, Social Security Disability benefits are a necessary option to make ends meet and get the medical treatment they need as they try to get well enough to get back on the job. There are, however, important factors that are key with a disability determination as the Social Security Administration decides whether a person is disabled enough to warrant benefits or not.

What should I know about the 12-month requirement for disability?

When an Ohioan has an injury or condition that is of sufficient severity that they believe they will be approved for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, it is more than a simple matter of applying and getting the benefits. There are requirements that must be met. One that is key is the determination that the impairment is either expected last for 12 months or will end in the person's death. Understanding important points about this rule is imperative to a claim.

What proof of workers' comp do I need to also get SSD benefits?

Ohioans who are injured on the job or become ill from the work they do and suffer from an inability to work because of it can get workers' compensation benefits. Many might not be aware that they can also get Social Security disability if the meet the criteria. When approved for both, there are certain rules that dictate the amount a person can get through Social Security disability when getting workers' compensation.

What information does the SSA need for disability benefits?

When an Ohioan is injured or ill and cannot work and as a result, needs Social Security Disability benefits, many factors determine whether they will be approved or denied. Often, the case does not fall on the merits, but on providing all the necessary information so the Social Security Administration (SSA) can make an informed decision. Before moving forward, it is critical to understand these basics, otherwise a viable application will be denied for lack of information.

What evidence is needed for SSD benefits due to mental illness?

For Ohioans who are injured or suffer an illness that is easily diagnosed through testing and examination, getting Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits will be a relatively straightforward process. For those suffering from a more difficult to see and understand issue, like mental illness, it is not as easy.

What is residual functional capacity?

When an Ohioan has an injury or condition that prevents them from working, Social Security disability benefits can be essential toward making ends meet. However, there are certain terms that can be important for the case. One is residual functional capacity. Knowing what RFC is and how it is assessed is key to a disability claim, as meeting the criteria is necessary for the Social Security Administration to approve benefits.

What are key points about physical exertion and SSD benefits?

When an Ohio worker is injured to the degree that they are unable to work, it is possible to get Social Security disability benefits. However, the Social Security Administration has certain criteria that it uses when determining if the person meets the requirements for being unable to work. The physical exertion requirements are categorized based on the amount of work the person can do. Knowing these categories is important when seeking SSD benefits. The categories are: sedentary work; light work; medium work; heavy work; and very heavy work.

What should I know about ALJ hearings if I'm denied SSD benefits?

When an Ohioan has an injury or illness and is seeking Social Security disability benefits, it is not unusual for the claim to be denied. The good news is that appealing the case can be successful and the applicant can eventually be approved. One part of an appeal is a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. Understanding all the aspects of an ALJ hearing can help to ensure adequate preparedness.


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