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Ohio police officer directing traffic suffers workplace injuries

State law enforcement is there to do the dangerous jobs, provide protection and help those who need it. They are also tasked with doing certain things that might seem to be drudgery, such as directing traffic. Regardless of the officer's assignment, simply being out and in uniform carries danger. Accidents and incidents can happen that lead to injuries and fatalities. Workers' compensation benefits are useful when there is an accident, so the injured person can receive treatment and be paid while recovering. Having legal assistance to get these benefits and to maximize them is often necessary.

Are you eligible for workers' compensation?

Here are three work-related injury scenarios to ponder: While working construction, a man falls from scaffolding and breaks several bones; two co-workers have a friendly food-fight in the company cafeteria when one gets hurt after falling; lastly, a nanny severely burns her hand while cooking a meal for her employer.

Important facts about a workers' compensation settlement

For workers who were injured on the job in Ohio, workers' compensation benefits can be a lifeline to cover their medical expenses and provide income while they are unable to work. Some workers, however, would like to settle their claim with the Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) and move on. Understanding important points about a settlement is key before deciding to take this step.

Ohio man suffers workplace injuries while cleaning forklift

Workplace accidents and injuries can come about in a variety of ways and some are more unusual than others. While accidents with heavy equipment, large vehicles, tools and other factors are common, people can become injured by slipping and falling, with muscle strains and tears and back and head injuries. Accidents can also happen when people are doing something as seemingly innocuous as cleaning equipment. Serious injuries, long-term damage and even death can result from these unexpected incidents. Workers' compensation is important for any kind of workplace accident and the injured party must understand how to get benefits.

What is presumptive approval with workers' compensation?

For Ohio workers who suffer an injury or condition on the job, their priority should be to get treatment and improve their health, so they can get back to work. Workers' compensation benefits are meant to provide that treatment and cover the wages of an injured worker. Certain issues, however, might be confusing to a worker. These should be understood to know what treatment they can get, and the circumstances under which it is received. One specific issue to understand is presumptive approval.

Workers' compensation might soon cover behavioral treatment

Workers' compensation benefits in Ohio are often viewed as providing for medical expenses and lost wages when a person is unable to work due to a work-related injury or condition. This is undoubtedly accurate. It is also important to understand what workers' compensation does for people who have issues that are not as clear cut.

Construction worker injured by truck in workplace accident

In Ohio, certain jobs carry a natural amount of risk. Workers who are in risky occupations should be cognizant of the possibility that they may suffer workplace injuries. If they are injured in a workplace accident, workers' compensation benefits can be essential to help them get treatment and make ends meet until they are able to get back to work.

Does workers' compensation cover blood and bodily fluid exposure?

There are some jobs in Ohio where workers run the risk of being exposed to blood or bodily fluids, which can place them in danger of diseases and illnesses. For those who are concerned about exposure or who have already been exposed, understanding the guidelines for this type of incident and how workers' compensation benefits can help them is imperative to receive treatment and be covered for missed time on the job.

What should I know about workers' compensation healthcare?

A common concern among Ohio workers who are injured on the job and are seeking benefits through workers' compensation is how the Bureau of Workers' Compensation provides healthcare. There are certain rules that mandate which doctors the injured worker can see, how it will be paid for, under what circumstances, and the way in which prescription medication is handled. If there is a problem with these issues, it is important to have legal assistance to get the workers' compensation benefits the person is entitled to.


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