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Does workers' compensation cover blood and bodily fluid exposure?

There are some jobs in Ohio where workers run the risk of being exposed to blood or bodily fluids, which can place them in danger of diseases and illnesses. For those who are concerned about exposure or who have already been exposed, understanding the guidelines for this type of incident and how workers' compensation benefits can help them is imperative to receive treatment and be covered for missed time on the job.

What should I know about workers' compensation healthcare?

A common concern among Ohio workers who are injured on the job and are seeking benefits through workers' compensation is how the Bureau of Workers' Compensation provides healthcare. There are certain rules that mandate which doctors the injured worker can see, how it will be paid for, under what circumstances, and the way in which prescription medication is handled. If there is a problem with these issues, it is important to have legal assistance to get the workers' compensation benefits the person is entitled to.

A lawyer can help with workers' compensation retaliation in Ohio

The goal of having workers' compensation benefits in Ohio is to protect workers who are injured in a workplace accident. There should not be any debate on this issue between the employer and the worker about this. After the workplace injuries have occurred, the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation will deal with the case from there. However, some employers might not want the worker to report the accident and will use various underhanded - and illegal - tactics to dissuade the employee from doing so.

Ohio University study shows theater workers face head injury risk

Studies are useful to determine which forms of employment carry the greatest risk for workers. Ohio residents should also pay attention to these studies as they can sometimes find danger where it had previously not been a common concern. For example, football is a sport known for its blows to the head and the scientific and anecdotal evidence of the risk of head injury is indisputable. A new study has examined another endeavor - working in the theater - and found that these workers can be affected by head injuries and the aftermath.

Does Ohio workers' compensation reimburse out-of-pocket costs?

A worry that afflicts many Ohio workers who suffer workplace injuries and are awaiting workers' compensation benefits is: what happens if there are out-of-pocket costs that they must pay for? Given the expensive nature of medical treatment, prescriptions, rehabilitative care and more, these expenses can be substantial. Knowing the law for claimant reimbursement is critical.

What is subrogation in regard to workers' compensation?

Ohio workers who suffer injuries, incur medical expenses and are confronted with lost wages from injuries that did not occur on the job should be aware of subrogation and how it affects workers' compensation benefits. With subrogation, the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation will collect benefits for injured workers if their injuries were caused by a third party. Often, for the worker to receive subrogation, there must be a settlement or a judgment against the party deemed at fault.

Workers' compensation and the claims hearing process in Ohio

While some Ohioans who suffer workplace injuries or a medical condition from their work will be approved for workers' compensation benefits, others will have their claims denied by the Bureau of Workers' Compensation and it is necessary to file an appeal. Simply being denied at the outset does not mean that the applicant will not be awarded benefits eventually. Understanding the claims hearing process and all of its aspects is imperative to receiving workers' compensation after a denial. When appealing a workers' compensation claim, the worker will have three levels in which to do so. The three levels are the district hearing officer, staff hearing officer and the commission.

Legal help is key for appealing workers' compensation denials

When an Ohio worker has a workplace accident and is injured, they will undoubtedly seek and expect to get workers' compensation benefits. However, not every case is as simple as filing the application, getting approved and receiving the medical care and other benefits that are part of workers' compensation. It is not unusual for the case to be denied for a variety of reasons. While this might instill fear in the worker who believes that the process is over and there is no alternative to get benefits, appealing can be effective. Having legal assistance is vital toward this goal.

Understanding workers' compensation and worker death

When workers in Ohio suffer a workplace accident and are injured, they have the right to get workers' compensation benefits. In some cases, the injuries are so severe that the worker dies. If the worker is injured and subsequently dies while they are receiving workers' compensation, the family could be entitled to certain benefits.


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