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What should I know about ALJ hearings if I'm denied SSD benefits?

When an Ohioan has an injury or illness and is seeking Social Security disability benefits, it is not unusual for the claim to be denied. The good news is that appealing the case can be successful and the applicant can eventually be approved. One part of an appeal is a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. Understanding all the aspects of an ALJ hearing can help to ensure adequate preparedness.

What if my SSD benefits are being reviewed by the SSA?

People in Ohio who have already been approved for Social Security disability benefits because of an injury, condition or illness should be fully aware that the benefits, in most cases, are not permanent. The Social Security Administration takes steps to ensure that those whose issues are of sufficient severity continue to receive benefits. It does this on a periodic basis by taking steps to determine if the qualifying disability remains in place. This is an important part of any SSD claim.

Can I get SSD benefits and workers' comp simultaneously?

Workers in Ohio who are injured or become ill because of their work will have the right to seek workers' compensation benefits. Some will also have the right to get Social Security Disability benefits. However, a source of confusion regarding the two programs can leave some wondering whether they can get both and how one set of benefits might affect the other. Understanding how workers' compensation can affect SSD benefits is crucial.

What is "Ticket to Work" with Social Security Disability?

Not all Ohio residents who are seeking Social Security Disability benefits are disabled enough that they can never get back to work. They are concerned, however, that if they try to work and find they are unable to, they will lose their SSD benefits permanently. They might not know how to go about finding a job or getting training. This is where the incentive program "Ticket to Work" comes in. With Ticket to Work, it is possible to try to work without risk to SSD benefits. Understanding how this program is structured is essential before moving forward.

Do I meet the earnings requirements for SSD benefits?

Those who are considering filing for Social Security Disability benefits might not have thought about the earnings requirements that are part of the federal regulations to qualify. First, there is a recent work test based on the person's age at the time of the disabling injury, illness or condition. Second is the duration of work test to prove that the person worked for a sufficient period of time. The rules are based on the time at which a person turns a certain age and is separated into calendar quarters. The first quarter is January 1 to March 31; the second is April 1 to June 30; the third is July 1 to September 30; and the fourth is October 1 to December 31.

How does an arrest or criminal allegations affect SSD benefits?

Some Ohio residents who are seeking or already receiving Social Security Disability benefits might have the misfortune of having a problem with the law. That can include being arrested, jailed or accused of criminal activities. There might be an automatic belief that SSD benefits will be stopped if a person is accused, convicted or jailed for a crime. This is not necessarily the case. Understanding how these issues are handled by the Social Security Administration is vital for everyone, because legal issues can crop up unexpectedly and for a variety of reasons.

How previous work will be assessed when seeking SSD benefits

For Ohio residents who are seeking Social Security Disability benefits, one of the most important factors when the Social Security Administration decides whether to approve or deny benefits is if the applicant can do work he or she did in the past. This is a key to the decision. For claimants who are concerned about this issue, it is important to understand what the SSA does when it makes its assessment and subsequent decision.

What are the five steps to get SSD benefits?

When a Ohio resident has an injury, illness or other medical condition and is seeking Social Security Disability benefits, knowing the basics of the application process are essential. Understanding the federal regulations and the steps that the Social Security Administration takes when determining whether an applicant should receive SSD benefits or not is key. There are five steps. Knowing these steps can help avoid surprises and can be useful when going through the application process.

Understanding how lupus affects victims

According to the Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, throughout the United States, including victims from Cincinnati, Ohio, as many as 50 million Americans suffer from some form of autoimmune disease, including lupus. Victims of lupus traditionally begin to experience symptoms starting while they are teenagers through their thirties. Symptoms vary widely, and may go in and out of remission, often making lupus difficult to diagnose.

Muscular dystrophy interest renewed after passing of Jerry Lewis

Recently the world learned that legendary comedian, actor, director, screenwriter and singer Jerry Lewis had died. Despite a long and storied career in Hollywood entertaining Americans for decades, Lewis may be as well known for his work as a humanitarian as much as an entertainer, shedding a light and fundraising for the degenerative disease muscular dystrophy.


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