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Amelia Ohio Workers' Compensation Law Blog

Veterans financial support can come from VA, SSA

If you or a loved one is a veteran who has served this country, we tip our hats to you. Because of what veterans sacrifice, and some more than others, there are benefits allowed to military members, veterans and their families. However, being a veteran doesn't make a person any less a contributing member of this country. If a person also worked enough hours in a civilian job, they can qualify for Social Security disability when they are no longer able to work due to disability.

The way Social Security disability works is those that have worked the minimum amount of taxable hours, and are disabled and no longer able to work, can seek to receive benefits of this program. Of course there is fine print in this process that includes what the Social Security Administration considers disability and so on. However, many military veterans who are receiving veteran-related disability may not realize they could seek benefits from both programs simultaneously.

Wearable technology can keep you cool at work

Toward the end of the summer, temperatures start to rise. If you work outdoors or in a hot environment, it's important to avoid heat-related illnesses by keeping cool and hydrating.

New technology designed to keep workers cool and comfortable may be a convenient way to help you beat the heat at work.

What information does the SSA need for disability benefits?

When an Ohioan is injured or ill and cannot work and as a result, needs Social Security Disability benefits, many factors determine whether they will be approved or denied. Often, the case does not fall on the merits, but on providing all the necessary information so the Social Security Administration (SSA) can make an informed decision. Before moving forward, it is critical to understand these basics, otherwise a viable application will be denied for lack of information.

Those who are applying must remember that the decision might take as long as five months. But, having all the proper information can speed the process.

Workers' compensation claims for office employees

When most people imagine workers' compensation accidents, they tend to think of people working around dangerous machinery. The reality is that you can suffer debilitating injuries while working at any job; including in an office.

If you are a white collar employee, you probably don't spend your 9 to 5 around molten steel or power saws, but that doesn't preclude you from suffering injuries while on the job. These injuries can rack up major medical bills, keep you out of work and require expensive braces or other pieces of medical equipment.

Ohio police officer directing traffic suffers workplace injuries

State law enforcement is there to do the dangerous jobs, provide protection and help those who need it. They are also tasked with doing certain things that might seem to be drudgery, such as directing traffic. Regardless of the officer's assignment, simply being out and in uniform carries danger. Accidents and incidents can happen that lead to injuries and fatalities. Workers' compensation benefits are useful when there is an accident, so the injured person can receive treatment and be paid while recovering. Having legal assistance to get these benefits and to maximize them is often necessary.

An accident in which a law enforcement officer was hit by a car sent him to the hospital. The accident occurred at around 11 p.m. as the officer was directing traffic. A vehicle was approaching a flashing light at an intersection when the accident occurred. The officer, 51, is a 15-year veteran of law enforcement. He joined this department four years ago. He was flown by air for treatment at the hospital and reportedly had serious injuries. He was subsequently released and is continuing to recover at home. The 28-year-old driver remained at the scene. There are charges pending and the investigation is ongoing.

Are you eligible for workers' compensation?

Here are three work-related injury scenarios to ponder: While working construction, a man falls from scaffolding and breaks several bones; two co-workers have a friendly food-fight in the company cafeteria when one gets hurt after falling; lastly, a nanny severely burns her hand while cooking a meal for her employer.

The question: Are any of these people eligible for workers' compensation? In the latter two examples, the answer is no. Meanwhile, the worker in the first scenario would qualify for workers' compensation as long he or she is an employee of the company doing the work at the site.

Important facts about a workers' compensation settlement

For workers who were injured on the job in Ohio, workers' compensation benefits can be a lifeline to cover their medical expenses and provide income while they are unable to work. Some workers, however, would like to settle their claim with the Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) and move on. Understanding important points about a settlement is key before deciding to take this step.

This settlement will be for a certain sum. Once the claim is settled, any payments -- medical and compensatory -- will be concluded, and there is no obligation to pay anything more regardless of the circumstances. There is no single way the BWC will determine the settlement amount. It is an amount that the BWC believes is reasonable to settle the case based on the injury, and the future for the injured party. All aspects, including medical and compensatory, will be factored in.

Ohio man suffers workplace injuries while cleaning forklift

Workplace accidents and injuries can come about in a variety of ways and some are more unusual than others. While accidents with heavy equipment, large vehicles, tools and other factors are common, people can become injured by slipping and falling, with muscle strains and tears and back and head injuries. Accidents can also happen when people are doing something as seemingly innocuous as cleaning equipment. Serious injuries, long-term damage and even death can result from these unexpected incidents. Workers' compensation is important for any kind of workplace accident and the injured party must understand how to get benefits.

A man who was cleaning a forklift injured his legs after the vehicle fell on them. The injury occurred at approximately 8:30 a.m. Another forklift was being used to lift the one that was being cleaned and its bottom could be accessed. It came loose and fell. Emergency personnel came and the man was transported to the hospital with injuries that were said to be serious. He was awake and alert during the ride to the hospital. The investigation into this incident is ongoing.

What is presumptive approval with workers' compensation?

For Ohio workers who suffer an injury or condition on the job, their priority should be to get treatment and improve their health, so they can get back to work. Workers' compensation benefits are meant to provide that treatment and cover the wages of an injured worker. Certain issues, however, might be confusing to a worker. These should be understood to know what treatment they can get, and the circumstances under which it is received. One specific issue to understand is presumptive approval.

In some cases, if the worker is receiving treatment from a physician within 60 days of the injury, there will be presumed approval for the worker to be treated and get services for that injury. The most frequent kind of injuries that workers suffer from are musculoskeletal and soft tissue.

What evidence is needed for SSD benefits due to mental illness?

For Ohioans who are injured or suffer an illness that is easily diagnosed through testing and examination, getting Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits will be a relatively straightforward process. For those suffering from a more difficult to see and understand issue, like mental illness, it is not as easy.

That, however, does not make the problems the person is dealing with any less severe. In many instances, mental illness can have more lingering effects than physical conditions. For people who are suffering from mental illness and along with that face an inability to work, understanding the evidence the Social Security Administration will need to come to a decision is critical.


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