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Beware of sacrificing safety for speed on scaffolding

If you are a construction worker in Cincinnati, risking your life while working at heights is likely par for the course. Unfortunately, many construction company owners or contractors disregard some of the prescribed safety standards to speed up construction. This could be to avoid missing deadlines and incurring penalties or to boost the bottom line by saving on costly scaffolding materials.

Did you know that you could refuse to work on an unstable or insecure scaffolding structure? Instead of relying on your employer to fulfill his or her duty to protect your health and safety on scaffolds, you can take some precautions of your own.

Will you ever have to file a workers' compensation claim?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires employers nationwide, including Cincinnati, to provide work environments free of known hazards. Employers are responsible for the health and safety of employees, and if they fail to comply with prescribed safety standards, they could face stiff penalties and citations for safety violations. However, such penalties will not make up for the financial and other damages you or any other workplace accident victim suffered.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that millions of people across the U.S. suffer workplace injuries each year, and analysis of data shows that the construction and health care industries are among the most hazardous. A workplace accident can happen at any time, anywhere and to anyone. Fortunately, the state-regulated workers' compensation insurance program will have your back if you should suffer an occupational injury or illness.

Be aware of these construction site hazards

A construction site is certainly not the safest workplace in the world. As a construction worker, you work in an environment with a wide variety of hazards that often cause severe injuries and fatalities. Due to the dangerous nature of construction sites, you are at risk of injury every time you go to work. 

Being aware of the hazards you face can help you prevent them. Here is an outline of some of the most common causes of construction accidents.

Overexertion, repetitive stress and workers’ compensation

Did you know that overexertion is the primary cause of workplace injuries? Perhaps you work on a computer all day. Clicking that mouse every few seconds may cause a repetitive stress injury, one form of overexertion that could lead to a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

Workplace injuries are costly

Veterans financial support can come from VA, SSA

If you or a loved one is a veteran who has served this country, we tip our hats to you. Because of what veterans sacrifice, and some more than others, there are benefits allowed to military members, veterans and their families. However, being a veteran doesn't make a person any less a contributing member of this country. If a person also worked enough hours in a civilian job, they can qualify for Social Security disability when they are no longer able to work due to disability.

The way Social Security disability works is those that have worked the minimum amount of taxable hours, and are disabled and no longer able to work, can seek to receive benefits of this program. Of course there is fine print in this process that includes what the Social Security Administration considers disability and so on. However, many military veterans who are receiving veteran-related disability may not realize they could seek benefits from both programs simultaneously.

Wearable technology can keep you cool at work

Toward the end of the summer, temperatures start to rise. If you work outdoors or in a hot environment, it's important to avoid heat-related illnesses by keeping cool and hydrating.

New technology designed to keep workers cool and comfortable may be a convenient way to help you beat the heat at work.

What information does the SSA need for disability benefits?

When an Ohioan is injured or ill and cannot work and as a result, needs Social Security Disability benefits, many factors determine whether they will be approved or denied. Often, the case does not fall on the merits, but on providing all the necessary information so the Social Security Administration (SSA) can make an informed decision. Before moving forward, it is critical to understand these basics, otherwise a viable application will be denied for lack of information.

Those who are applying must remember that the decision might take as long as five months. But, having all the proper information can speed the process.

Workers' compensation claims for office employees

When most people imagine workers' compensation accidents, they tend to think of people working around dangerous machinery. The reality is that you can suffer debilitating injuries while working at any job; including in an office.

If you are a white collar employee, you probably don't spend your 9 to 5 around molten steel or power saws, but that doesn't preclude you from suffering injuries while on the job. These injuries can rack up major medical bills, keep you out of work and require expensive braces or other pieces of medical equipment.

Ohio police officer directing traffic suffers workplace injuries

State law enforcement is there to do the dangerous jobs, provide protection and help those who need it. They are also tasked with doing certain things that might seem to be drudgery, such as directing traffic. Regardless of the officer's assignment, simply being out and in uniform carries danger. Accidents and incidents can happen that lead to injuries and fatalities. Workers' compensation benefits are useful when there is an accident, so the injured person can receive treatment and be paid while recovering. Having legal assistance to get these benefits and to maximize them is often necessary.

An accident in which a law enforcement officer was hit by a car sent him to the hospital. The accident occurred at around 11 p.m. as the officer was directing traffic. A vehicle was approaching a flashing light at an intersection when the accident occurred. The officer, 51, is a 15-year veteran of law enforcement. He joined this department four years ago. He was flown by air for treatment at the hospital and reportedly had serious injuries. He was subsequently released and is continuing to recover at home. The 28-year-old driver remained at the scene. There are charges pending and the investigation is ongoing.


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